Blenheim Triathlon 2013 — prep

June 9, 2013

I woke up a little after 4am. “Oh that’s great, this is going to be a bad day” I thought to myself as I tried to go back to sleep.
After ½hour I gave up and went and had a shower.
I put my Lucozade sport and a water bottle in the freezer and then put one of my spare water bottles by the front door — the aim being this would remind me that there was one in the freezer. Drinks prepped I had some cereal and a coffee for breakfast. I went through the numerous checklists* I had made over the last few days and was reasonably happy I hadn’t left anything out. I re-read the welcome pack notes for the umpteenth time (Super Sprint is TWO bike laps and ONE run lap).

I then pumped up the tyres on the bike and went for a quick spin into Summertown to get some cash so I could go for a drink afterwards. Everything felt good and the excitement was starting to build.

Got home and took my drinks bottle out of the freezer, put on my transition bag rucksack and set off for Blenheim palace — a quiet 6-7 mile ride mostly on cycle track.

On arriving at Blenheim I followed the cars to the parking lot thinking that was the easiest way to get to registration. I had to get off my bike as I was worried about the effect of the gravel track on my road bike.

The registration tent was supposed to be open at 7:25 and I was one of the first there (I had cycled a little faster than I probably should have done!). I chatted with a chap who I met at the training day in Richmond who was also doing the Super Sprint as his first Triathlon and it was great to have a joke and dissipate some of the nervous energy.

At around 8 they opened up registration and a I duly queued up to collect my timing chip. Then it was time to head to Transition and rack my bike.

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Part two, the race, coming soon, but in the meantime check out the photo story I put together over on Flickr.

* There are so many articles on the internet about how to approach your first triathlon that every time I read one I start another ‘top tips’ or ‘must have items’ list.