ITU London pre-race

As I got up this morning and started getting ready for today’s race I realized something felt different. The pre-race nerves aren’t there instead a nice buzz of adrenaline!

The first Tri I did I was panicking so badly, trying to remember everything I might need. I laid out my kit the night before and virtually counted it into my kit bag and then didn’t get much sleep as I went over the fact that I wasn’t a good swimmer and hated running ( not really very good traits in a Triathlete ).

Last night I had a couple of pints with friends after our final Lead Climbing lesson, cooked some pasta and went to bed.

It obviously helps that the race isn’t until this afternoon but the fact I am just looking forward rather than frightened is very refreshing.

Last year I trained pretty hard with the aim of beating previous times and doing my first Olympic distance race.

This year I still want to do better but more than that I want to have fun doing it! The swimming lessons at the local pool mean that not only am I technically a better swimmer but I also feel so much more confident in the water. The run too has become enjoyable, primarily thanks to the wonders of Parkrun.

So I’ll still be aiming to beat 1h30 but I sure as hell want a smile on my face at the finish line!

Find out how it went on the day in my Race Report


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