Preparing for Blenheim Triathlon 2014

So it’s been a year since my first Triathlon, and I am returning to Blenheim this year. I am again doing the short Super Sprint race:

  • Swim 400M
  • Cycle 13.2km
  • Run 2.9km

Last year I astonished myself by completing the race in under an hour — albeit by only 20 seconds, so that makes setting a goal for this year quite hard. Obviously I want to at least match 59m40s (swim 8m49; bike 27m24; run 15m49).

I was 32nd overal and 9th in my age group, though this year I will be in the next group as I have a pretty big birthday before the year is out ;-)

This year I have worked hard on my swimming but not much work on the bike and run segments. A top 5 (age group) is probably too much to ask as that would need a sub 55 minute time!

So my goal? I really want to get the swim in under 8 minutes. To that end I’m going for my first open water swim of the year tonight.

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