Florence day 2

Met for lunch at Pitti Gola E Cantina @ 1 o’clock
Piazza Pitti, 16

Go over ponte Vecchio and go down via Guicciardini

After lunch went back to the hotel and had a drink on the teras

We went to the Uffizi at 4 and spent a while going round, sadly they now allow tour guide in the galleries which means there is the incessant noise of the guides giving their spiel. One particulary obnoxious one stood onfront of Leonardo’s Annunication for about ten minutes with her group of 15+ people while she described all the paintings in the room!
As this ( and Caravagio’s mediasa) are my favourite paintings in the whole of the Uffizi I was just a little annoyed

We were going to the Yellow Bar for dinner but it was closed so instead we went to Gusto ( Leo the Lion ) just across the street. Not as good as YB but nothing really wrong with it ;-)

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